The Gate, Learning To Say Hello Not To Be in The World of Illusion

The Dream, between “White SEO” and “Black SEO”— Part 1
I was in Ciliduk area. The time pointed out 2 o’clock a.m. when I was awake, remembered you, sitting and thinking what I should be done at the moment in my brother’s home. I though I was dreaming without I was realized in front of TV silently. I was slept away in the family room and somebody had turn off the TV. I still thought What I supposed to do, there was not a bicycle or internet anyway in this house, even the book of Ajahn Brahm part 2 I had read it twice, the big book of SEO Google and the trick of SEO were too much tired already. TV? I was already tired also, just always told about Nurdin the corruptor and Democrat Party with their thousand of mask. And you know my love, I was heard so stupid if I told the security of gate’s guard that I wanted to run or walk in the morning. So I thought the way to say hello that he did not have to be responsible of the sin just because of angry in his heart: “2 o’clock just for running in the morning?”! Do you want to run away, don’t you?!”

In the gate, oh my god, he was slept also. It meant I had to learn how to say hello that is not in the world of illusion with the object as a guard who was in his world. I hoped he maybe did not hit my head for making him awake and surprise. So as soft as possible, even it was almost like a whisper I called him repeatedly. Finally, he was awake, his face was rather upset, glanced, starting to search the parts of my face. He apparently arranged a question, if he searched in Google and Yahoo, of course, so we were not too long to be rigid. He started to be realized and knew me, then he tried to be smiled to make him self friendly. I pulled up the backpack on my back in order that its position is better, then I tried to replay his smile as sweet as I could.

“Go out again?” he asked patiently

“Yes sir, I want to go to warnet sir.”

“Oh…,” he answered shortly

Silently, Of course I might not explain him that I went to warnet to study “the tricks of SEO GOOGLE” or wanted to make poem for the love of my heart. A Such thing, for a guard who was still sleepy might also make his cudgel lay down on my head or at least made him to get more sin because to be angry in the heart: “Aah, you are lie, you want to look for blue film, don’t you, or the picture of beautiful naked girls, who cares, I want to sleep again…!!! If his cudgel was really drop in, of course I lost everything of Seo’s tricks” I had learned from my brain, at once the facility to be able to forget you. And fortunately, after the answer “Oh…” came out from his mouth, he stood up and went to open the gate. Our conversation was over. At the time the gate of housing was opened, I felt my learning to say hello not to be in the world of illusion had finished in good enough.

The security, I was sure he watched my back till I was lost in the cloudy dark morning. I tried to turn off back, especially waved my hand. Afraid to be suspicious by him exactly and he ran after me instead. I did not try also to think what was in his mind when I was far to my backpack. It was better I put my mind to the idea of SEO’s trick and good SEO. Maybe he did not report me to the police for the sake of my backpack which was content of a girl’s head I would throw iy away in Ciliwung river. Maybe everything was only a splash of good thinking, so nobody else got a sin at the time till everything were done as properly.

The dark still covered the city, the circumstance was still silent when I arrived close to a market, there was one or two two-wheels vehicles starting to pass the holed roads in the city of Kreo. One time at the distance, I faintly heard people shouted out. Some people who was preparing their merchandise did not care it too much. So did them in other small store, everything as used to be, they did not hear anything as like. Everything was done till the silence covered it back widely.

I showed the sky was empty of stars. Even the moon did not show its face. The poles of iron were showed cold and rigid. The lights turn off slowly like they felt lonely for something, they were in line till far away, to be smallest till they became a silent point. I thought it was almost 3 o’clock am. I played Demis Russos’s song “Before The Storm”. The song flowed and swung away my heart, drifted me away in deep loneliness to you. I walked faster only to see a glance of your color in the Facebook, moreover I wanted to continue my article about “SEO Google” sooner. Among my long steps I still remembered the words that made me awake tonight. Your advice to me kept hearing so. Did I always try already, didn’t I? Because of that I wrote a sequel of “The Gate, Learning To Say Hello Not To Be in The World of Illusion (3)”

Cileduk, PiS July 28 2011(Revision of the notes on the date of July 26 2011)
Indonesian : Gerbang, Belajar Menyapa Yang Bukan di Dunia Maya

Mimpi, di antara “White SEO” dan “Black SEO” — bagian 1.

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