The Sun Morning (7)

I feel in the blowing wind
your love is scattered
I gather the words one by one
In the morning sun shine infiltrate the leaves
I feel your love is shining
I gather it little by little
The sun is dancing
into the wind and the quite bird song
the beautiful words represent my heart is longing you
cannot reveal the meaning of your shine
It just written down just written down
Only pass the line time by time
all that I feel day by day is progressively length

I write for you from the open soul
revealing unsaid words
unveil unvoice tone
describe the your beautiful soul
that have been many years touched by me
into there is and no
in better and sorrow
in cry and laugh
in clear and worried
in hate and unblocked love
you are my morning sun
I write all in my mind diary before the soul water flowing in everywhere
I realize that only this I can say . forgive me

In Indonesian : Mentari Pagi 7

PiS (2011)

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