Olenka, A Twilight Sun


Olenka, A twilight Sun

Olenka, A twilight Sun

At last….., a seagull has come to me, flying pliant like a twilight kite under the sky in the middle of space. Slowly move a little to the right and a little to the left. The seagull bring river craft singing aimlessly, the wing has been flapped, comes and goes, I thinks the flying is not arranged. Is it tease me? Firstly yes, but now I understand, perhaps that is the sign to me, It wants to make surprise a long day dreaming, that Olenka who I waiting for has come without I realize.

Hmm yes, In faraway there, in the eyelid all silhouette here, apparently is still ray to all people, it has not get caught by holy soul because the purity is too be mixed by unlimited happiness. Never mind, those all are beautiful at last, and those are destiny.

Thanks my seagull, my nerves fibers begin capture the scratch of nuances. Oh my Olenka, scarlet, soared into the sky off, it is so excellent, holy without sin, melodious to swing the heart. It is really great.

The God Almighty, he flicked it on unlimited spread out area of giant painting. God Almighty…, God Almighty, but where do the simple woman who sit in the sand go, bathing with waves and orange shining light?

Ah, My Olenka, My Twilight Sun, “My heart is suddenly downhearted!!!”
My heart is downhearted!!!
Oh… My Olenka, my soul begins smeared by my sympathetic sorrow.

God Almighty!
Merciful God Almighty!
Merciful God! That is a seagull whispering wing.
Then flying and diving to bring my eyes far there, to….
Olenka, A Twilight Sun,…
The bright, she is that woman, that I loved..

A Twilight Sun

Parangtritis, June 2011

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