The Suffering Stream

Maryati di Panti Rapih


When people won’t make their happy days become dirty with your sad story
When people switch off their cellphone soon after hear your slow moan
When people very seldom to visit you ,and do not have power to see you
When everyone become so busy
You need not to close your mouth, close your one eye, keeping silence to feel needles which
are destroy the whole part of your body over and over again, just wince, cry, and screaming
I open my ear, i give my hand, i will stop my step to open door, i will always in your side

Oh… The thin God creature, small, wrinkled without weight
You are the perfection during 16 years
Oh God Why did you create the creature with aorta that be passed the endless suffering river
Oh God do not you see the painfulness destroy my pillow, curtain, and bedsheet of heart
Oh God blind my eyes, and kill my feeling
i can not stand to see her condition
OH my small God’s creature that i love, i tell you
be stronger darling, i am here
let me to erase your tears

Indonesian : Sungai Perih di Aortamu

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