This is life ..! Without the piece of the word

There was a thief in the Godean street who was stealing the mobile phone, unfortunately people around him knew his action, some of them furious about him, it i was like intolearble action and cannot be forgiven, so they judged and hit the thief brutally, even the thief still kept silent without any words he could said. The attackers face and their attitude like the devils in the hell. they hurted the thief as if no excuse any more for him, Some of them kicked, hit, spit and treated him like he was the most dangerous animal in the world that must be killed, they used many things to hit him, like stones, irons, bottle and everything around them has changed become like weapon, the attackers mentally mocked and said the rude words.

This view in front of me just like the scariest thriller movie with heartless film director, or perhaps the scene was almost same or even worst than the movie which is directed by Rob Zombie. But i realized that this is the reality, not just a film or my imaginations, nature seem like whispering and revealing that all of this event actually very real, and the main actor is a pity thief. that is destiny ant it must be written done. If this is just a movie of course the film director has arranged that the main actor should be not a human, but he was an dangerous Alien.

Today jus let it gone with the wind eventhough there is no film director in here, i still think about the thief. How can people treat him so cruel like that? did people ever think that he just ordinary man who was born from a woman, he was in his mother’s tummy for 9 months same like the others, he just choose the risking job and sinfull it was becoming a thief. Nobody even think that actually he used to be like us, like the people which were attack him, he was a child who was raised by his mother through many days , many years, and today because of one mistake, he has changed become different like us, he has turned into a crime. Nobody thinks how does, his mother feel, if she knows about her lovely son was treated as cruel as the most dangerous creature in this world, how if the man has a wife and children, or siblings ? do them can sincerely accept it ? can u imagine that his wife has made a cup of tea while waiting for her husband coming ? Uh.., perhap the tea will be forgotten tea and become cold, as cold as the wife frozen heart.

When I and some other people tried to disengaged them , they google at me and wondered whether i was an disturber or not and it could frighten me at that time, the eye –sight that just for while , just like a flashback in the film just come in second break form at the transition of a situation to another situation, stopped just for a while, and back to the bar barian action, with full of power and speed as result of the duplication of the demon actions. I felt they stared at me eventhough only few seconds, but it can make my blood like stop flew into my whole body. I had no brave hearted, even I was shy to admit that i am a gentleman. nothing can i did at that time, I just saw blood dropped into the ground and the sound of crowded people were hiting the thief, sometimes accidently I saw the thief’s face, we saw each other, he was about 50th years old, with stright hair and dark skinned, my blood was chilled in whole part of aorta, I closed my eyes for a while, tried to imagined the suffering that he felt, I was trying to depict what existing at the opposite of his eyelid. I could not catched the silhouette which was the image of his felt. I taken along to suffer, hurt, it was like I could felt what he was feeling, suddenly I magine his wife’s face, his children and his mother . I just imagine if the man which was in front of me were my self, how paintful it could be if my wife,chilldren, my family know about it ? I wanted to avoid everything in front of me,and ran as far as possible but i could not went, my feet kept quite in the hot asphalt, and my eyes still stared at that man.

I wondered at my self, why people can be that anarchic? what made them to be like that? Actualy it was difficult to blame the attackers, all that i remember in Kali Urang street,in the mobile phone store. i think the people lost control their emotional, it might because of economical factor, people often hear for many times about the crime cases in Kali Urang street, sometime even the criminal not just stole something but they also cruelly killed the victims, the news such it have become something usual in our daily live, i think it has psycologically influence to the people so they are so furious about the criminals. once the criminal was arrested, the people can do anything beyond their human sense. We do not realize tha it can be like the snow ball, which is biger day by day and so dangerous, in another day it can explode and make us become very wild and do not know one another any more. How difficult to imagine the current event i ever experiencing of it.

How can i forget the actions that the highest God creatures did to their fellow? suddenly i want to protest to God, why did not god send the police to judge them and let the rule of law to over come this problem. the case reminds me to Kahlil Gibran, he said : there is no the leaf is turning become yellow without known by entire tree, eventhough it just keep silent, that way also the wrong will not do wrong withou the passion of the human being eventhough it is buried, the justice is inseparable with brutality, it is same with kindeness and badness. both of them inthe front of the sun face, as holy white and black yarn are weaving cloth sheet, when the black yarn broke, then the entire of the equipments weave will be checked . If you will punish the woman who has committed the adultery , so put her parents’s heart as weights and and her husband soul as the measure ribbon. If someone will drop crime of law for the shake of the straighten of justice, when he is swaying axe to tree bar lighted upon devil he shall sees the root of it tree,so he can sees whether the root still good or bad ,or the root which is still expectant and the useless root that only containing barreness.

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