A Couple of Twosome, Learning To Say Hello Not in The World of Illusion (4)

(The Dream, between “White SEO” and “Black SEO” (2))

 I was a daybreak when I arrived at warnet. Not much words to be arranged already about SEO Tricks or around PageRank Google I typed successful. Because my time was used in wordpress blog and Facebook. Fortunately I had a chance to sleep although a few hours only. For people with the job in the world of illusion, sleep was just formality merely, they did it only to continue their common which was an inheritance from previous ancestor. And because of it, the sleep often got a closer crush with abuse from the workers in the world of illusion, “Wah… should be slept unfortunately, it is almost in the morning!” or “ It is 4 o’clock already? Crazy…when we want to sleep.” So on.

 It was same like me, all the day my friend became a victim into a category of abuser to the sleeper. He was also online in the daybreak, he knew via Twitter and Plurk so my hand phone was rung. After having a social formality about some cases, he ended with a question about the address of this rental. And suddenly he was appeared at the glasses of warnet. The staff of warnet was surprise in the middle of his sleepy, he looked at emptily, a little to gape at, I thought he was trembling, imagined the cases around the robbery. Hih..hi.. the staff was like a statue, I knew exactly in his mind,” is it a head or not?” So in my heart I also helped to answer, “it was not a head but only a bunch of hair.”

 “For shake of sky, moon and stars, may it was repeated back again where I am still in my house and not to be on duty in this rental?” That was a second thought of him. Thus instead of throwing a urine in his pants I told to him that the strange man was my friend, plus I was already finished to rent. So he was easy, getting out of stroke problem, and his cold sweat was absorbed back to his skin getting him out of dehydration- frightening attack.

 “Instead of being in the rental, it is better just in my house coy…” he said so to me in front of rental keeper. He was smiled being feel save from the action of barbarian robbery.

 Philodendron, puring Raja, aglonema lipstic, aglonema HotLady. Anturium with jumbo size, this was a type of Cobra – anthurium Cobra, There was still thousand kind of other interesting plants, they welcomed our arriving, after the gate was opened widely. I was wondered to look at all of that, moreover the color-spot lights placed on the ground, their glow spotlighted up and fell down to the leaves and wall, made them as a picture of plant’s silhouette with colorized style surrounding which fell down to the white-cleaned canvas of wall. I thought I was like to fly to the heaven, maybe I could meet you. I was not already to ask a permission to take a picture for a shake of my pocket camera which was not to be patient in the bag. I ever showed this one like this at a big shop of plant in the area of Tawangmangu but in small form. Ah…, the memory was back again, the trip with you to the shops of plant starting from those in the street of Godean, Kaliurang to Tawangmangu. Those memories were like to swim in my brain and heart. My chest always felt narrow again. So I put the point here then continued the other.

 My heart was asked to, did the garden with a such big house could be gotten by becoming a Blogger? Did it come from tens of Google Adsense? Was his contra version web sold well in billion? Or was it obtained from the job being a SEO? Did he have a high traffic web in the

world of advertising? Was it maybe a the advertising of house, wasn’t it? I don’t know, but who knew my friend was only a “Black SEO” or maybe if he was a “White One” he had a fortune to get the client of a giant company which had a quarrel with, hotel, travel biro or SEO for a politic party which had win a certain position. Or he ever recovered a secret data and then sold it out. In Jakarta everything could be happened. Ah, I put my mind away from the negative sooner. Because whatever less bad thought it was, tt was only to be a passion to my heart, the heart would be depraved. What the meaning of having a deprave heart moreover it was already be broken a part like this. In the room of family, his wife came and welcomed warmly. Her cared hand was smooth to give a shake. And her face was contrary in 360 degree compared our thought about those who had a fortune to ask her in marriage. “For a shake of sky, moon and stars, may t was repeated back again where I was in warnet and do not drop by in this house?” Her house dress, her blouse for sleep was thin enough transparently, broke down everything of perspective in ethical logic. To be just a real artist would be confused, chose the real one or watch the a very beautiful abstract paintings on the wall.

 Again, The thought which liked to compare was come, he and his wife, I thought like a picture of Van Gogh, owned by a crumpled street singer but rich. It was more correct I thought if choosing one of pictures named “Patch of Grass”, where it always be fallen by his old guitar every time he would take a rest after working all days. But It perhaps no problem there, because this house was not interesting enough with the Museum of Kroller-Muller bought because of the old guitar alone. Thus his wife or the picture still stood to become the dweller of this ideal house. Hah.. ha… may he was not angry then at the beginning of this month he was appeared suddenly and tried to kick my back. His wife came inside, perhaps she would cook a breakfast. He also asked me to wait a moment then he stood and went to a room with a door filled out by the sticker of old-rock star singers. To be silent for a second, but the beauty still glowed from this room. “White Seo…”, “Black Seo…”, hacker, google, “White Seo…”, “Black Seo..”, pagerank, and so on, this words frightened me in turn, rolled up in my mind and came into my inner and soul. There was a clinked sound of spoon, plate, sound of water flowing from a crane, I felt It was like you be there to prepare something my breakfast on Gadjah Mada Street. Maybe th world like this you dreamed about since the past. But you knew exactly, deep inside my heart nothing I ever wanted to except for you. And just because of you, I finally was in this house for a promise. I was too long my friend came out, so I took my red book again and wrote “Learning To Say Hello Not in The World of Illusion” then I continued to “Jakarta is really the world of illusion, and the one is absolutely right.

PiS, the note is still left for the date of July 26 or 27 2011 “Still About Missing You”
 Indonesian : Sejoli, Belajar Menyapa Yang Bukan di Dunia Maya (4)

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