The Doubt of An Answer

(The answer of a friend’s question)
Then Hadaning whispers me softly
about the greatest of the creator
she sows the flowers of question
as the beads to make a fortress in the doubt
to convince the scattered soul
in her searching and loneliness to Him

But the silence I get is still always says to my inner
“That no grain of soul in the world
She ever knows is already to be touched by Him
cause the light is only the soft point in the center of my heart
while the darkness of world is still more wide
more than what is enable to be caught by cornea of my eyes”

For you my lovers who still search Him
search if you still feel needed to search for
and keep Him save if you feel you’ve found
Thanks Hadaning the love of my poem
I spy on the line of your heart
still has a chance to be implicit and written
that you still have a sort of searching …

My God, I still search for Your light
on the line of sun which will be sunset
and on the one which will be sunrise
I search for you also on the line of darkness
and the one of world light which is so bright
the earth I can never to be understood really
I want You touch me sometime
same like you did to my lover
at the time my legs do not stand up again
on this perishable world
At the time shines the step of my way
so I end my searching for You and you.

PiS 2011, forgive me for I still always search you and You in my loneliness

In Indonesian : Keraguan sebuah Jawaban

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