Olenka, My Little Sun

Mentari Pagi 6

Olenka, My Little Sun!
Last night until the sun shone, second by second is so upset, my heart rinsed thousands questions, what blowing wind can it be comes to the island beside. were you dremt worst and scared? are you digged by longing to both of us? or what make them upset?

Oh.., my Olenka, My Little Sun, If only I were there, or you were here, I am sure I will not worry to find a word explain what make you upset tik tok tik tok my watch tonight. It is really heavy I think the greeting of Good Night that felt weak dangle under the youth fullmoon. The young moon tonight full of purity, while your face overcast behind the intonation of your words, “I am really OK.” No my dear, please speak my little sun, If only you were here, of course my embrace will protect your sleep and swing you pass by the night by night to the morning until morning later.

Olenka, My Little Sun Are you fly every which way your smile in the garden this morning? or you are dreaming of your wings expanse which have caused to perch your footprints in the overseas? are dissappointed about the breaking love and separated in the number 8th? Be happy My Little Sun, in your holiday this time, I hope calm your heart from your confusion and sad. Be weaken the signals of worry that always sent by you to my heart, begin today I hope that’s all evaporate by the sunshines this morning that’s very cruel. Let run to the garden, let fly to the flowers and let swing to welcome the hoping wind that always blows perfectly everyday.

Olenka, My Little Sun,
I’m worry,
So worry,
Really worry,
Oh, I am better ending this writing,
I want to phone you,
Wait for a while my dear……

“PiS, June 18, 2011”

Indonesian : Olenka, Si matahari Kecilku.

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