The Sound of Love (wise word)

Loyalty is the holiest good in the human heart.

Wives are young mens miscresses;
companions for middle age;
and old men’s nurses.
(Francis Bacon)

The greatest friend of truth is Time,
her greatest enemy is prejudice,
and her constant companion is huility.
(Charles Caleb Colton)

A lover is a man who to be more
amiable than is nature.
(Sebastian Chamfort)

It is with true love as with ghost: the whole world
speaks of it but few have seen it.
(Francois De La Rochefoucauld)

The vow of fidelity is an absurd commitment.
But it isthe heart of marriage.
( Robert Capon)

The great tragedy of life is not that men perish,
but they cease to love.
(William Sommerset Mugham)

The Pleasure of love last only a moment
The sorrow of love lasts througout life.
(Jean-Pierre Claris De Florian)

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