Sorry, If There is Still Possible

Don’t know which one must I do with word “ SORRY “. Here are forgiveness word warehouse. That forgiveness stick in my window room with rain dots which still clatter slap of the glass. Hindering my view penetrate to distance to stare at you who lie down in the blue sky there, in my eyes that sky always become grey.

“ sorry and sorry”, give that word to your mother over there, I feel she is calm beside you counting promise that I make which according to you and him assume do not fufilled, even all of you do not want it claiming. I am sure he sincere precisely when we meet him first, she tells him by a mother gazing before herself realize it. Doesn’t you see she always smiles and laughs if we come? I do not wish to go to that dream, but, hand, feet, my mind still learn to catch time arrow which too fast fly away strike hard melted e dot of dream. While without you I am only arch without dart.

That sorry is scattered around, slip in idea sheets and feeling of me, spread at my seconds stream, always scream in my thorax. I think I begin chained by him. Those words are choked in my throat.

She nailed my eye in every desire,
Hook my step in every expectation.
Cuting my heart in every chance.
But she also straighten my road in every losing of way.
I belive you have sincered in order not to claim it anymore, at least in this time in this world in my dreams.
My regret become the basis of my helplessness, even I often think unnecessary, to defend.
But, keep “Forgiving Me”

By : PiS 2011

This all about:
– You are who go first
– A mother who pass away
– A dairy which I make it lost a half
– A little girl with amputated finger
– A child who is in across
– A website
– A silent vengeance

In Indonesian : Maaf Kalau Masih Mungkin

Another Hurts :

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