To the Propeller Blades in Parangtritis


Baling-baling di Pantai ParangtritisI want to be the wind that you turn rotate
Not the wind that turn over you
I want you turn around me to fuse in time
Or let throw greatly to the country behind of the limit horizon line there
Don’t let the sea that seduce me
In other me keep living here
While the wave:
Sometimes there is wave — sometimes lost
Sometimes grain —— sometimes silent
Sometimes restless——- sometimes quiet

Ah, they really eternal since centuries ago
But persistently I don’t hope longer will be here
And always as a follower te be eternal
The eternity make me boring without her
I will

Let throw me in the silence in the bottom of the ocean
Deeper than my ocean of heart
The bottom of the dark ocean there
Place for all unlimited dreams
In other me blind of world
In other my brain tight of letter and feeling
By question and answer
By the rain and dry season
By having and not having
By whispering memories
The thin girl that I love
In my house two months ago


In Indonesian : Kepada Baling-baling di Parangtritis

PiS 2011

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