Fingers of God and the Time

When God snapped his fingers, death becomes knacks scattered on between us. Awareness of past mistakes like waking up from a long sleep. Regret that time back is a dream and will forever remain be a dream despite the cries became so. In the end just stated in 2 forms, prayer is fruitful Wisdom or protest in God that destroy the soul.

Witnessed, Flood repeatedly abundant compete with the endless tears. Mansions and decrepit shack worth the same. The poor protest, according to them, “However luxurious homes have more power to protect, profitable the concrete and metal bone often able to minimize mortality or the suffering of its inhabitants. Compared with the decrepit shack that the pole mast became deadly stoning, for those who take shelter there”. So the jealousy slowly crept among powerlessness. Twisted some of the contents of the head become an increasingly social chasm gaping. Once again in the end it will all be worth the same. Death.

When God snapped his fingers, tremble center of the earth spur trembling soul demolish anything without select. Debris, blood, fears and deaths here and there cause people to forget a bit of difference that are difficult chime (political point of view, culture, law, human race etc). Then we see physically, that please help be a strong bridge that appear beautiful. Some of them was sincere, but some others inserted anyway latent ideal, bridge to personal interests. Relief in sight generosity become vehicles that drove over the bridge, creative elegance and praise for the personals or class snobby, more painful when I heard that they get the benefit that before it has been predicted by them. Many people who lived it in a relieved feeling, without guilt, as the Creator blesses by saying it is part of the sweat running.

When the fingers of God on the snapped by him, only the applicable time like usual, he did not care on any differences, to intrigue as tricky as whatever, in tears as sad as whatever, , in laugh as continuously as whatever, in death as dark as whatever, in pain as poignant as whatever, in thousands commendable behavior or disgraceful, to the pity is pleading, in You, I, We or They, until the next flick of a finger.

In Indonesian : Jemari Tuhan dan Sang Waktu

PiS 2011

line twilight

Another Hurts :

line twilight

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