Art <=> You

When I was still alone at the past
the art always blow fast ended my life
It blow my soul from time to time
Pushed me up to look for a face of love that I hadn’t know
the one I didn’t know where and what she was doing?
When I found my love
she embraced me tightly push my loneliness and sadness away
at the moment an art was only like a breezy of wind once in a while punch me up
It gave me a chance to pick a fruit of life I looked for a long time
I and you had a lot of time to swim in love, work, destiny and material
Now when The creator ask the love back
He gives the art to become hard rain in every second of mine
But I have not looked for the umbrella as yet
as the love of my place to be shaded
my loneliness is still for you
the love of my heart

PiS, July 17 2011, I miss you this night in Taman Budaya, as in the past again

In Indonesian : Kau<=> Seni

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