The Small Poem for My Small Flower

I choose the words I can mention
I arrange it into your FB message
Although those words not as beautiful as your mother cradle
Or her smile when she miss you a
But this is my deepest voice of heart
Symbol of love and affection for you
Insert the longing
And kisses and hugs that have been delaying
And needn’t to cry on it
everything will be usual and accoustumed
our days will turn into the uproar tree
With spreading the fragrance blooming smiling flowers

I want to kiss your cheek and forehead
Like your mother usually does
when you would went to school
or when you want to go to sleep
In my pray …
u will understand
about my love and affection to you
although it seem like unreal
( only through SMS, phone, or FB)
but my long to you is the giant in my heart
tomorrow it will turn into black or white
in the shape of hugs and the smooth touch in your hair
about anything the best and worse
my heart will be the lake
that will accommodate all of the happiness,
apprehension and your complaint
someday the time available in all of the way you will pass

Good night my sweety
Good night my lovely daughter
Good night my little flower

I pluck the stars into my wire guitar
you will hear it into your peace dream

”Your Father May 2011”

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