Soma Yoga, Vegetarian & Flavors

Soma Yoga

w,a, t,B,?

Kenangan di Soma Yoga Vegetarian
 Soma Yoga        +

 Vegetarian     =


Do I should debate with my heart about the meaning of live and life of creatures soul which are flying , swimming, walking or even slither just for simply sequence : both, tongue, delicacy, stomach, last fully filled ended in tank septik?

Those are not important any more, all that i remember about the begginings are health, dream, the desperating way, love which is almost snatched , the doctor threat, the sky that will fall, I used to have spirit to chosed and catched the clouds in order to provided the place for you and me, i hoped we could simply crawled, walked, jumped, run, and fly freely, and then smiled to all of creatures and at the same time our hands outstreched to tried to scattered the kindness.
BUT THOSSE WERE HAVE ANNIHILATE ! My Hand is only one right now.

All of dream, clouds, healthy food, are not that important again. All that i know i am sitting alone here looking the colourfull menu as if i was waiting for you who always had long time to chosed. The list only turning into sequence : alone, eat, tongue, without delicacy, fully filled stomach and end in tank septik. Hopefully those were not not become routine for tomorrow. Even felt, I do not dare to say boring. Because they always say ‘do not thank god ‘ However more or less I am healthy here than not at all.

I sit and eat again here, take my camera like an photografer who wish to fly pass the small aim, trying to steal the freedom of cherrefull sparrow birds which are innocently take the farmer’s paddy seeds,
I really desire to snare the freedom, When it is success, he is only snare in the pieces of diary and white paper or blogs and websites. All of these are like the long empetiness.So i want the sheet of sky, float with you over there, indifferent and let the aspiration which is still dangle between space and earth.
I do not want prolonging again. However, i eat the healthy in here eventhough i feel alone with my sorrow, longing, and unending suffering.

Possibly, I feel stupid because I often tasted the vegetarian menu because of my love and long to you, though i do not want to be healthy too long……

(PIS 2306-2011)

Translate in Indonesian : Somayoga, Vegetarian & Citarasa



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