Red fruit essence

There are many testimonials already that Red fruit is cancer medicine. The good quality of red fruit extract per bottle is about 700.000 rupiahs, many people believe that red fruit can recover cancer, so they buy it eventhough the cost is very expensive.
red fruit originally from Papua, people in Wamena usually consume it, they call it Kuansu. the scientific name of red fruit is pandanus canoideus lam. This plan is involve to pandanus this red fruit essence is containt antioxide, average containt :

• Karoten (12.000 ppm)
• Betakaroten (700 ppm)
• Tokoferal (11000 ppm)
the other substances in red fruit are :
– oleat acid
– linoleat acid
– omega 3
– omega 9
– linolenat acid
All of the substances above are active compound to preventive the free radical in the body .
Betakaroten has function to retard the heaping fleck at artery. It interaction with protein could increase the antibodi production. It can increase the number of natural murderer cell and multiply cell activities of T Helpers and of Limposit.
The study result hypothesizing : consumption betakaroten 30-60 mg / day during 2 months make body can multiply natural cellses to exterminator the disease. Increasing those cell depress attendance of cancer cellses because it can netralize the free radical carcinogen compound that cause cancer.
Red fruit is sold in many forms with different costs, the costumer must extra carefull to buy it, because some people have added much water into the bottle, it just to make much money.
Red Fruit price in the smallest bottle [is 150.000 rupiahs , for measure 50 cm high the cost is 500.000 rupiahs, and for biggest measure the price almost 2 million rupiahs
To test authenticity of this red fruit essence by pouring a drop into the glass, then mix it , the good red fruit essence will not mix wit water, it character is like oil if swirled fastly many times , this red fruit essence will breaks become littley, but water will not be red or snoring.

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