Milas, Learn to Say Hello…

Milas warung vegetarianAnd suddenly I have been here again. My heart takes me here outside of my consciousness. Have you sat on the gazebo bamboo in that corner? Like in the past again?

The situation was still silent, Gazebos of bamboo, library, beads, dreary lights, the visitors those who told whispery, everything was like the past, exactly at the moment we ate on the corner of gazebo in the western side, it always be in evening passed night.

Some waiters started to have a look a round. I thought someone started to recognize me. I didn’t know how I supposed to start saying hello or greet. Even I didn’t want to. It was not necessary I forgot my promise to you in the past that I had to learn and learned to greet friendly to whoever. You said so repeatedly. But how do I learn to greet well if my teacher was not in my side?

I is ok, I just behave no care, to defeat a logic I always proud of, that you have sat in my side/ But it is not logic that you are really here. My heart is you. It takes me here? Yeah, I thought you are here to accompany me only to order a corn burger you like. I like it also, I thought?

It was blurred while the fountain was splashed in the middle of pond. I did not bring my Mp3, so we started to learn a song of little fountain in the middle of pond, deep inside our heart. Its sound was the one we both love, we always looked for every time wherever we dropped by. In the middle of waving sound, I closed my eyes, the sound of fountain sang a song of you,

sang a song of your little waved-straight hair,
sang a song of your thin lips that always be friendly,
sang a song of your noble heart,
sang a song of your forgive soul,
sang a song of your bright eyes,
sang a song of your pure love,
sang a song of my longing and unlimited loneliness…

The waiter came with his sweet smile, I forgot whether I had replayed it or I just kept snilent and accept this menu. I did not why, maybe because of my promise, I became to be thought about the way to say hello or greet. But today my love, let them be forgotten. The one I know is I come here just want to greet you. That’s all.

And my love, where are you? How is the way, so I can just greet you?

Teach me, my love.
PiS, Milas, July 17 2011

Indonesian: Milas, Belajar Menyapa

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