Coma (1)


They whisper, look at me
The gaze without can say anything
but I know even though I am not looking for the meaning
I am the yellow leaf in the blue sea
have lost the bough and the root
far away in the land

Where should I hanging on ?
God ?
now do not advise me about relegion
Ah…..this time, should not advise me about religion for the time being until you understand the whispered prayer of a tree  for a piece of yellow leaves rustling in the middle of thousands of trees when God send

the cool stethoscope have been put
the white clothe goes
everybody should take a rest

There is no twinkle
Thousands words stop in your lips
and your eyeball
they open try to let your 37 years go
into my screen l life
he stay there, crystallize the thousands rainbows

I am sure that is your longest and the most devoted pray
that is shown beautifully in the deepest of your heart
there is soft tone which is flowing in the blowing wind

I have understood about your whisper in my ear
I am as hallucination in the foreign country
My heart, my soul, my feeling
scattering in the flimsy line
between there is and no

Indonesian : Koma (1)

PiS : “Quiet Alley , 2 February 2011″
“PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital, Yogyakarta”

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