I am just a simple creature that tries just write a bunch of words that
always flow from the upstream month since February 20011 to the downstream knows how many years. Set of words is always flowing through my mind, that sometimes seeps out of the corner corner of my eye or a hint of the innermost of the deepest heart,
that I believed no need for me to remember again, but I knew it must remain there.
I write a bunch of words I said to prevent myself from my fear sky of myself. One time I ever let it go, did not write it, he did not back then forgotten, but once he was raging to get out again of the world forgot, he turbulent trying to reincarnate again insistent insistently piercing my soul from the inside, then I blame myself as long as she struggled wildly out of control and can not re-incarnate.

Forget is a prison for the words I said when he did not write. If it flows from the heart, my mind and out of the corner corner of my eye it will be fingers knife
at the base of the arm if he has not been flowing and born to a strand of paper as perfect or illusion, he should always be there when my breath panted need it.

Set of words I say more often meaningless and useless to creatures who are still alive. I may not be able to change you when you’re not in love anymore sweetheart,
Did not also could change one’s evil out there to make it better or even not able to just change myself to become a wiser man and more complete look at the whole point of life together with the reasons why. Set of words is just a comma, in every breath of my heart.

Set of words I say not only become an entertainer my loneliness and sense of my longing, but he also became a knife blade which slowly slowly injuring and slicing my own feelings. But that’s the way.

In Indonesia : Aku

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