Olenka, for three years The days before

I don’t want to call that name, even if I whisper it. Because he has been far in the opposite flap his wing. He has begun spread the rice plant of life. While I have spread seed in the rice field that I have done. In spite of, I thought his happiness is entire, until my instinct whispers. In the horizon, when the sky getting red, I see silent in his eyes, gloomy and stick heartburn. So I will come to pleading you in other to consider about the time that we never promise. I fear a piece of Olenka clear granules comes flowing. Long time I keep waiting, nevertheless go the sign from you. So I bring my piece of heart to the flyover.

Then! I glance, I remember again the time you go to Jakarta and tell you will spent few days there. I beg you really with all my heart not to go that days because I want to spent the holiday besides you when sunsets in Tritis, while facing our children running in the sand’s beaches. Really I want to be with you, always besides you, because there is a flaming that always make me worry. Today I stand near Railway Station. You are there, I think today is a countdown when you will go previously. When you will permitted, time before we separated, you whisper clearly. ” Only three days, or few days “, try to relieve my heart.

But today in this railway carriage, you whisper, ” Three years again, or if you have wise! ” Then the railway carriage go and lost slowly in the distance. My loss before was designed clearly but it is not comparable with long loss today. That is not indescribable…

So move on the Olenka clear granules smoothly from my corner of eyes. The cold railway does not able to refrain , He tell, ” be aware, until whenever she will never be anyone who besides only as little space in your ocean heart or until one of you had passed away “. I sob.

(A Song For Three Years – “PiS – June 2011)

Another Hurts :

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