Sangam House, The Taste Behind the Thick Door


Sangam House Vegetarian Restaurant

Sangam House Vegetarian Restaurant

Once night we were three, our kids was enjoying her reading, in the other hand you were so happy found the new place, I always remember your words about the boring vegetarian menu , so I was so lucky to found this new place for you, but I looked forward about what was going on there, because the name of this house was so mysterious, I hope the contents of this house are not as mysterious as this house, I hope you like it.

The thick teak welcomed us with it’s sturdy, for me the teak door have to be split become 2 or three doors, I think it will be more useful and economical, ahh,, I do not know why this door remind me about Friday 13th movies, too long to saw the door as if the door gogled at me.
Challenged my bravery and strength to pushed it, but we succeed to passed it without faced anything, I Only used my forefinger to opened it, just like that . So that I entered arrogantly, I think it was lost with my finger.

In this room, the door look like still revenge. In this room, that door seems like still grudge, it like would swallowed us and would not released us for centuries, for a moment ! The door also remind me about the prisons in the ancient Rome films, perhaps this door ever be rent for it, You know my darling, I think the door price is equivalent with our quota money to eat many months, I think it is same inside, but this time there is an exception, and it is deeper than just money.

Inside the room there was a foreigner greet us warmly, tried to discussed with you about vegetarian Indian’s food types. I guessed he was the owner of this place, I thought you were not concentrate to listened his talked, you prefer to understand everything about garment, clothes, accessories and decorations it could made your hunger like revovered. Forgive me, because I have not fulfilled your ‘needs’ yet until your death, At that moment I just let you to made you happy with those clothes and accessories even though I was hunger as toothless lion. I also forgot about the excellent foods menu because I still be soiled with the pieces of words that came from the doctor’s mouth some months ago..

Finally we sat down in this room, we found the beautiful and amazing menu here names with the way to serve it typically, luxury and magnificant, but I won’t told you too long because I knew that those food were not tasted delicious in your tongue, you were very disappointed in other hand my stomach was bloated because of the foods that unjustified.

My sweetheart , now I am standing up outside, diametrical, focus to look into that thick teak door. I am not afraid with the image of the ancient Rome prison or Friday 13th movie any more, I do not afraid to fight with the arrogant of the door, and the price also, I just worry with my heart string which is beating progressively. It feels like there is something broken and trembling in my heart.

Just be patient for a while, permit me to be sturdy for second and strengthening my feet easel so that I can pass the thick teak door, so that I can pass the fussy foreigner and the carpet affluence of frieze. And then I sat in your shadow side which is waiting for trying enjoy the foods you never heard before , a group of foods that very strange in my ears.

Really, even though you are my shield, and you are not in my side now I am ready to face the mysterious thick teak door…….

Sangam House,
Kaliurang Street, Pandega Siwi 14
PiS June 2011

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