Cause of Cancer

Cancer is disease, disease also has requirement.
All that required by is cancer are :
Low blood PH ( foods of animal protein degrade PH blood )
KH as energy for cancer, it could be found in sugar and flour
the foods which are content : free radical and xenobiotik.
The substance of carcinogenic : Nitrosamin benzpirens etc.
– Alcoholic drink
-Smoke Cigarette
– Sausage
Deodorant and of antiperspirant concidering alumunium
Perchloroethylene / tetrachloroethylene into dry cleaning
the chemical Pesticide and insecticide from household
The common cleaner products : liquid detergen, desinfectan, the sanitizer bowl tolilet concidering alkyphenol
– Mobile phone radiation
– Marketing drinks or foods ( coffee, tea, formula milk ) in container which is made by PVC plastic ( it will release if heated ), polystyrene of Styrofoam
Cook the food using incised teflon pan.

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