I Miss You This Night in Taman Budaya

By PiS in Word of Heart

 I had passed Taman Budaya in several times, because I thought I proud of the big statue so much. The beginning was probably yes, why not, just imagined, it was said that the head of a baby was made by using 20 tons of clay. Any time if I have money I want to make your statue in my house yard, but the house is nothing yet, moreover that is if nobody did not protest or grumble it. If you know, now my friend says I am prefer to make a lose and submit to a fate. Because it is better, as long as it does not disturb my note. Moreover, I learn a little more patient from Ajahn Brahm, don’t I. So if anybody dislike, be patient you are for shake of yours.

I think again, finally I make a decision. It is not because of the statue so I often pass it in front this building. But it is more due to I know and feel myself is very strange in the real world at last to face a role of long dream. But fortunately, I still have a little hope for shake of you. And although thousand times I pass this way, of course you perhaps will not be there taking a picture or asking questions to the guards about the art things as the pas again.

Like the time your friend husband made a concert of his saxophone here. Whoever his name, I had forgotten. You are very energetic at the moment you told about this around him and showed me his elegant Compact Disc. I thought you forgot, I could play it, but my guitar always be tinkled for you every morning or night, did it? Did you tell about it to his wife?

You really didn’t send your shadow here. Maybe the time you had just for it was over already for your sister. Yeah, he phoned me several times and told me about it, but was it necessary to me to be jealous to him for what he got from you was not accepted by me till this time. Did you hate me so much like this?

Your silhouette was not here. Don’t you like the world of art and culture again already? I remembered at past early you always had enthusiasm for shake to watch the things like that. I knew that you did not like, but I always gave you a provocation that in this world nothing was more that heaven except the world of art, culture and literature besides loving you of course. That human sense and sensibility will be felt as accurate as more. The things like this make our heart leave so we know what God want to about a grain of feeling in looking his other creature.

But at last, you always looked for a moment to the things like this, didn’t you? You always be phoned by your friend who was in even organizer in order to come here and there for a show, didn’t you? Was it just because for shake of your child and just because a little child not to be here, so you also reluctant to be sat just to accompany me here with this statue of baby’s head?

 PiS : July 20 2011

 Indonesian : I Miss You This Night in Taman Budaya

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