Milas, The taste Behind the Vegetarian

Milas = were we, now only me which is dreaming for long time

When the twilight arrives, that street still be like that, the simple Prawirotaman street, does not have many voices, and writhing, it is calm cold as if it is looking at me.
But wait for a moment, there is the voice of water, I hear your voice is ordering meatless hamburger.Yes, It is taboo to talk about meat here, There is wind whispering softly before a maize burger entering in my body cell. There is a heave serene song elapsing with open the piece of book of Ajahn Brahm. The Buddhist monk will likes my attendance in here for the shake of natural creature. You frequently open the beads for the shake of remembering our kid, and you also release the mini diary from your small bag.

Milas, the garden, the coolness , those bambooes, all of them become one, they are unite to become strong and heroicly, standing will judge me with a question about the reason why I am here. But I do not care . For me there is no reason why should I answer something to the goods.

I see you vague while u were looking your reflection of your own face in the small pool in the left side of that cottage.
your clear face was dancing in the rhytme of the water ripples in the small lake.
what a beautiful you are, what a charm, what a grace, that the way of the song of twilight wind worshiping you. Fishes in the corner patiently were waiting for you until you finish to neaten flimsy powder and your hair. You have not do it for long time, dress up, because the doctor said that it is the death knife.
There are ants, they are marching their feet , there were flying ants are flying pliantly among the leaves, they want to make friendship with your light eyes that look like friendly under the gloomy lamps in the room, those all of combination as symphonies, until a man bravely clink the guitar, disturbing the fantacy ripples. she does not know how thundering my heart to the best tone that she has released to refine my shadow to you. Wire strand of metal as strike sword of fantacy. huh ..! I want to like her but not to now. it was possibly yes, or if she did in the Vredeburg fortress yard , when we were sitting without any words. Everything sway has finished because of the damn wire.

The Milas Twilight, your hand took the piece of tissue smoothly, and then I wipe your lips that I long for long time, i have fully filled, u said calmly and then you whispered thank you. The words are equivalent with entire of flowers in the Jazuli street. ah,, I think it was long time I was not give you my smile to make your days beautifully, of course the Ajahm Brahm will admonish me about it. So when we were going home I brought your small bag and gave you little smile for you.
I opened the door carefully and then I cleaned your seat , when you were sitting, I wiped your hair and lips slowly, then I take your arm to kept you from daydreaming,. I played the beautiful song that always company us wherever we go, u look fragrance, bloom, and make me always longing you, and then I begin to starter my car , before I go I have to convince my self that you are alright, so I peep your seat, but what I find is the empty seat, it feels quiet and I am lonely, I think this is just a dream, dream and dream, I think I am unconsious until I feel something warm is flowing in my cheek with spread the schmalzy tones welcome the grey twilight that become black .

Milas, Pis 2011 > What a pain of this heart…

In Indonesian : Milas, Cita Rasa di Balik Vegetarian

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