Work is Like A River

All works are like a river, I can make them in equal,  fight them,  be followed by their flow or race to the downstream.

I can also enjoy them  by getting out from their water once then take a sun bath, enjoying a piece of bread, hot coffee, making love with the wind, counting the stems of tree or writing a story in my diary part by part.

 The work is really like a river, I can forget the time, submerge and swim in the water. Getting a lot of fish and some kind of grass to make jelly, sniffing the plankton into my lungs even I don’t know its benefit for my body or taking the decorated stone which sometime it is not useful so for my life except for fun anyway.

 Ok…, the work is like a river. I can arrange it orderly in the world of my life, or no to be realized, forget about the time and when I get out I find my self to be wrinkled and coldness.

Indonesian : Pekerjaan itu seperti sungai.

PiS, August 26 2001.


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