A song of a blue sea swallow

Spread away your wing widely
for I send my whisper to your heart so long
that I will be able to sail the ocean
flying by from island to island
let the storm throw you down
let the wave strike you on
let the sound of splashing snarl you up
let the foams persuade you in
the flowers of your day
will grow and blossom quickly
then they’ll be written in your soul
so fade away it will

But you will be strong as a coral
For an half of my breath
Has already been blown to your lungs

PiS 120811

(the Ballad of Yati to Diva)


Sit down here sweety
let us leave 2008 peacefully
keep moving forward, February, March, April until December
outspread in front of us
let us pass it peacefully
with the only our feet and mind
eventhough with the small wheel we have
for me it is adequate
though actually ‘ less’ perching in our shoulder [
we just enough with song and guitar in my hand
And eventhough there are only me, you and our kid
a cup of tea and a old song
It is the world for me
i have ever dreamt
long time ago before i was born

Indonesian : Januari

The pray of thousands tickets


The thousand of tickets
are praying

to a show
in order to shimmer clamourly

fully filled
the ear of poverty


In Indonesian : Doa Ribuan Tiket

PiS 2011

The Rain pray

My pray is rain drops
to the sky that make me fall
to the ground that permeating me
to the green leaf I swing
To the ruin I hold
To You who make me become sea or the dew
or to her that make me the tears river

In Indonesian : Doa Hujan


PiS 2011

Fly and Wing

A fly
perched in my clothe
It has palsied
to fly is just the broke that become dream
it is handicap and useless

It ask me
guess that I am God
with the giant wings in my left and right neck


In Indonesian : Kelekatu dan Sayap

PiS 2011

The Gloomy dusk

The gloomy dusk
Once upon a time in the early dusk
I sat down alone
I looked into there
the lonely future

Now there is no your holy lover
It is like a wilting flower that does not beam

as long as I live I love
a loyal man
I give the holy heart

the beautiful dusk turns into gloomy
If I remember you it break my heart
which is hurt because of his love

Before Sleep (2)


Before you sleep
my heart is singing about the pieces of pray
it is reechoing from my heart to your heart
flowing embrace all of seconds by seconds
we have passed
and then blow it to the God
to make him considering about the special place for you

Say your good bye words
To the sun, sky moon and stars
which are coloring our canvas all the days
and to my old guitar
That will loyal company me
Fording the long way to your home

In Indonesian : Sebelum Tidur (2)

June 2 2011, “ ICU and IMC room ”

Full Moon

You and me
are not full moon
“ coma ”
because I am still exist
even though my soul does not feel

PiS 2011

Indonesian : Bulan Purnama

Fly and Wing


A fly
perched in my clothe
it has palsied
to fly is just the broke that become dream
it is handicap and useless
it ask me
guess that I am God
with the giant wings in my left and right neck

The Full Moon Pray

Together the stars
I lay my prays
to the night on a man
who sings in 6th fingers of string
that is crying on his loneliness in every item of tone
go out from the heart
I lay my prays behind the darkness
hoping the happiness light and the manful light
behalf his sweetheart

The pray of thousands tickets
The thousand of tickets are praying
to a show

in order to shimmer clamourly
fully filled
the ear of poverty


In Indonesian : Doa Bulan Purnama

Since You Gone

It is remain denied ( 1997)
Since you gone
Since you gone
I feel my life is like an upstream water that flowing to downstream
since you gone
i cry try to pass the longing wall

Since you gone

my steps are soldered by the axis of your memories in Jogja earth

Since you gone
I harvest the longing in civilized field
since you gone
I spread the words of forgiveness on guilt
since you gone
I put patience over the consciousness
since you gone
I collect the imagination into the improvitation circle
since you gone
I put the memories beside the dream
since you gone
my heart is covered by revenge like iron into salt
since you gone
beauty is only polish

The Sun Morning 2

I want to see you there
sit above the stone into long silent
like a confused man I want to say
but my lips is frozen because I have big shy as wide ocean
so I let me self to whisper it to the sun that almost set
I promise in my heart
I will send you letter
these letters will arrive in your place
before sun rise tomorrow

The Morning Sun (4)

The morning bird’s wings
fluttering the blow wind to my hair
I remember the words there
Is it your whisper ?
do you want to say something about direction ?
The street long straight , cold and stiff
those are the street you must pass
I guess this street has end there
in the melancholy eye, in horizon

The Morning sun (8)

Yes, they will always laughter
and babble as this is the old joke
but, should I care
in the other hand one thousand words raining into my mind
I will release it like drizzle in the morning
in all of places I can find
where I can release it complacently
they are uncountable
about you, your virtue

There is sun here
the only place I can share
because I know since in 1997
there we have put the sign

In order to have place to shed the long tear
when we miss each other one day
and the enduring long

The Sun Morning (7)

I feel in the blowing wind
your love is scattered
I gather the words one by one
In the morning sun shine infiltrate the leaves
I feel your love is shining
I gather it little by little
The sun is dancing
into the wind and the quite bird song
the beautiful words represent my heart is longing you
cannot reveal the meaning of your shine
It just written down just written down
Only pass the line time by time
all that I feel day by day is progressively length

I write for you from the open soul
revealing unsaid words
unveil unvoice tone
describe the your beautiful soul
that have been many years touched by me
into there is and no
in better and sorrow
in cry and laugh
in clear and worried
in hate and unblocked love
you are my morning sun
I write all in my mind diary before the soul water flowing in everywhere
I realize that only this I can say . forgive me

In Indonesian : Mentari Pagi 7

PiS (2011)

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