A Place to be Shaded…

(A tree in Primissima and It’s About The Choice for The Way of Life)

Always be and just it is.
Why you should be cried?
Sleman is always cloudy, isn’t it.
Yogya often be rained, doesn’t it.
Primissima asphalt is often hot, isn’t it.
Those are only a little sign
so you will be strong to choose.

I may not to point it out,
choosing a shade tree,
beautiful colored umbrella,
strong iron canopy,
empty and infertile cave
or even luxurious house
also although you know you will
put away my chest as your place to be shaded.

If finally you choose to sit on the root
leaned on the strong stem shaded
under the leaves
then finally holds up my chest
and cry away let it be,
cause that is really belongs to you
a place which always waits faithfully,
eternally like my promise.

Even though you come or go easy as you want…

“PiS 11082011”

Indonesian : Tempat Berteduh 2

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